Why Buy Land In the National Forest?

Talladega National Forest

Oakmulgee Ranger Station

We have all heard that “good fences make good neighbors.” I submit to you that good forests make great neighbors.

 “Why are forests such good neighbors?”, you ask. Consider some of the following reasons you might want to own property that borders the National Forest lands.

1. Property Lines are Clearly Marked. The Forest Service does a phenomenal job of surveying and marking the property boundaries of their lands. Not only do they paint the trees on the boundaries, but they place Forest boundary signs at close intervals so everyone knows where the Forest stops and private lands begin.

2. Owning land adjoining the Forest allows you to use your land and the Forest too. Much of the National Forest is open to the public for hunting, hiking, and other recreational use. This allows you to own a small property and have access to a much larger tract of land. (I currently have a 40 acre parcel for sale near Sprott that borders over 700 acres of National Forest.) This is particularly true of large sections of the Forest that are land-locked by private individuals. If there is no public access into the Forest, then public use in that area is generally very limited.

3. The National Forest is usually well-managed. The Forestry Service does a good job of managing the forests for wildlife and sustainable habitat. They conduct prescribed burns or thin trees as needed. The Forest roads can be rough, but are generally well-maintained. Forest officials can offer suggestions on your land, and in my experience are willing to be as helpful as possible with tips for you to improve the quality of your forest or habitat.

4. Game Wardens patrol the National Forest Lands. These patrols cut down on trespassing and poaching on private and public lands. Officers routinely engage hunters to check for licenses and bag limits, and this is well-known by those who would seek to circumvent the law. Owning land near the Forest gives the added element or feeling of security on your property.

Perry County, Alabama contains about 745 square miles of land, and according to the U.S. Forestry Service about 32,661 acres (51 square miles or 6%) is owned by the Talladega National Forest. I currently have 6 or 7 good tracts of hunting land for sale bordering the Talladega National Forest. You can visit my website to learn more about these quality properties.

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